The infamous Merkel-Raute. Source:

On the 26th of September, citizens of the most populous democracy in Europe took to the polls in an election that promised to shape European, even global leadership for the foreseeable future. …

‘China in Ten Words’: Making sense of China through “ten pairs of eyes” in Yu Hua’s book

In an interview with Goodreads, author Yu Hua quipped that if one were to check into a Chinese hotel as a tourist, there would be a high chance one would see a ‘No…

The Other Side: Comparing Biases in Journalism in India and Pakistan

In the early months of 2019, a district called Pulwama in South Kashmir had become a battleground fraught with unease and hostility for Indian and Pakistani armed forces. …

Culture, Religion and the Politics of Food

Food in India has frequently been embroiled in political conflict.

The Revolt of 1857 was in part a response to a rumour that the rifle cartridges Indian sepoys would tear with their mouths were laced with pig and cow fat. Alternatively, food has also functioned as a language of protest…

The Futility of the Left-Right Binary in Indian Politics

The left-right denomination was baptised by the French Revolution, where it referred more to the seating arrangement in the Parliament of France than a particular political ideology. In late 1789, French parliamentarians were to vote on the veto powers that their…

America’s Political Intellectuals: Jon Stewart and The Daily Show Alumni

Jon Stewart, speaking on Capitol Hill about the September 11 fund. Source:

It is singularly remarkable that a comedian’s caricature of a news reporter was awarded the position of the United States’ Most Trusted Newscaster in 2009.

The comedian in question — Jon Stewart — had by then become a household name…

Kshirin Rao Eshwara

A student pursuing Political Science and English at Ashoka University. Inspired by multicultural, politically-charged, and uniquely human stories.

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